What we provide
trying hardly to establish your children's personality

For the Junior High school Students:
  • Students are supervised in order to successfully carry out their homework.
  • We especially aim at the right study of: Ancient Greek, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Composition writing.
  • Special educational care is provided during examination periods.
  • Additional lesson iterations taking place each educational period.
  • Each student successfully overcomes the hurdles of junior high school and gets ready to face the educational reality of the following school grades.

For the Elementary school Students:

  • In our comfortable and friendly place, students learn to work in the right way.
  • Your students are well supervised and guided in a systematic way of thinking and studying.
  • We try to run through the knowledge to the students in order to successfully use their memory skills.
  • Special care is provided by our Staff in the scientific fields of Mathematics and Grammar.
  • In cooperation with parents, we try to develop children's personality.
  • By following our principles, students are easily going to face the High school reality.

Phone Numbers: +30 210 57.65.287, +30 210 57.63.478 | Aristomenous 96, Agios Ierotheos, Peristeri, Greece.


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